Find your voice again with My Voice

My Voice is a FREE Android application that uses Text To Speech (TTS) software to get you talking again

Speech & Voices

With My Voice & Google Text To Speech engine, choose from over 30 voice languages and many more regional options within each language, including male & female voices. An open, clean interface gives you space to do what’s most important – communicate!

You can pause and resume speech any time, and if you’ve banked your own voice – no worries, we support using this!


Save commonly spoken phrases as favourites. If you need more organisation, create categories and save phrases in these instead. You can edit, delete and reorder phrases any time – and of course, these are all spoken with your chosen voice applied.


My Voice has LOADS of customisation options. Change the pitch and speed of your voice, or change your voice entirely! Change the way your text is handled during and after speech with premium options. Adjust text size and opacity to suit your needs – there’s even a dark mode!

I’m a daily AAC user, and this is the best mobile text-to-speech app I’ve ever used. Without it, I’d have to lug around a laptop all the time. (And it works well with other speech engines, so I can keep my voice no matter what device I’m using!)


Best voice app on the market by far! I had surgery and couldn’t talk for a while afterwards. I tried a few others out there but they are slow or full of ads. This one has the best features and being able to customize the sound is a great bonus. It will read as you … Continue reading Ryan R

Ryan R

Got everything I need. Good solid app


Download this app after i got a tonsillectomy and couldn’t talk for a few days. This was perfect. I was still able to communicate with folks and my 2 young boys responded very well to this.


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